Artist Greetje Feenstra

Greetje Feenstra was born in Groningen,  a city in the north of Holland.

She was educated at the Minerva Academy. After 10 years working as a designer for a Dutch television network, she started to paint.

Since 1989 Greetje Feenstra has been exhibiting her artwork in the Netherlands at the Holland Art Fair in The Hague and Leiden Art Fair in Leiden.

In all of her artwork  you will recognize her inspiration - nature. She paints mostly in an abstract way using beautiful bright colours and shapes.

Her beautiful floral paintings focus the viewer on simple and elegant floral arrangements. She lets the flowers themsleves tell the story. Her aim is to not show all the details of the flower but to emphasise what to her is the most important element of nature – colour.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any items for sale by this artist.