Artist Lorraine Christie

Lorraine Christie was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has lived in the U.S. for over fifteen years and now resides in Roswell, Georgia.

Though classically trained in London, she prefers to be known as “self taught”. Her style and approach to her craft is constantly evolving and has moved away from her initial classical background, where she now feels more comfortable to explore and express inner thoughts, as well as the world around her. There is less emphasis placed upon applause from the viewer in regard to technical ability, and she now feels more reward from the viewer feeling emotion or left questioning the content of the piece, perhaps with room for personal reflection on a past or present relationship. She has begun a series of incredible works where she explores human interaction and love. She is very closed as to whether these paintings contain any personal or autobiographical element.

Lorraine Christie has had many high profile shows in her native Ireland, including Belfast Castle and The Museum of Ulster, which has two of her paintings in part of it’s permanent collection.

She has exhibited frequently in London’s prestigious Mayfair district with W.H. Patterson Gallery and been part of the “Discerning Eye” exhibition in which HRH the Prince of Whales is a judge. In fact, His Royal Highness Prince Charles owns several of her exquisite paintings. There are several high profile sports professionals who have purchased her fine paintings as well.

She has had numerous sell-out exhibitions in Dallas, Texas and is also represented in Carmel, California by Gallery Elite.

The body of her work is represented by Huff-Harrington in Atlanta, Georgia. Huff-Harrington has major success with her works and she has had rave reviews in American Art Collector magazine and Décor Magazine. Examples of her paintings have now appeared twice on the cover of Atlanta Museum and Gallery Guide.

If asked, she will explain that her inspiration is both a secret and a mix of extensive travel in Europe where she loves to include classical architecture as the backdrop for the “Play” Figures caught in the rain; a look, longing... a shock of orange, red or yellow in the otherwise misty palette lends life to the figures.

Lorraine Christie has hit upon a theme that seems to strike the chord of emotion in almost everyone who either meets her in person or views one of her distinctive, accomplished paintings.

She is as mysterious as her paintings.

In the Artist’s words: “I wish people to simply stop, feel or be... for just a moment... to remember what emotion feels like – good or bad.”

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