Artist Rob De Haan

Rob de Haan, paints emotion and environment.

Born in Hilversum on 12 June 1943, developed he itself already on young age to an "old-fashioned" artpainter, in the tradition of “The school of the Hague.

Living in the landscape “het Gooi”  he found inspiration at the beginning of its career in its direct surroundings.

In the foot steps of the painters from Laren, his paintings were made, in which nature would remain the predominating topic. 


After he had decided to make a profession of this passion, its landscapes and still-lives found already early their way to galleries and private admirers. Although the earlier-mentioned term has "according to traditionalmethods" in a certain artist environment sometimes a negativebijklank, correctly that in-depth manner of work in the advantage of theincrease of the art painter the cock would prove be. Sat with iron a discipline behind its rest daily, arose the work in those always larger ring reputation and met withappreciation. Also international. Its pallet became allengs more colourfully, more daring and more balanced. The region of its pencil and the palkletmes seeming nonchalanter wereused slowly and to with the bravour of the in-depth artist professionman who had made himself the "art of omitting" master.   Rob the cock paints polls, emotion and environment. But it is especially the tension which is work this way interestingmakes, and every time continues again surprise the art lover.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any items for sale by this artist.